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Welcome to the KUBIK Knowledge Base Portal!

The KUBIK camera is a unique product. Its main distinction from other products of this kind is the super deep sleep technology. The deep sleep mode is the main mode of such security cameras as they usually receive power from ordinary batteries. The super deep sleep mode not only enables the camera to save energy but also allows charge to self- regenerate itself in alkaline batteries! This significantly extends the operating time of the camera and the number of images received, which distinguishes it from the products of competitors.

It is important to understand that the KUBIK camera is not a simple trail camera but the camera which sends you a picture directly from the object of observation. Besides, unlike similar products, a picture is sent in full size with a maximum resolution of 1600*1200!

The second important distinction of the KUBIK camera is the developed wireless technologies such as:

  • Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth smart)
  • WiFi

Bluetooth made it possible to transfer all the settings to a user-friendly application, unlike inconvenient screens and a limited number of setting buttons in other cameras. Also, Bluetooth enabled it to equip the camera with various external sensors, which can significantly increase an observation area and capabilities of the KUBIK camera.

If the object has Wi-Fi, you can connect the camera to it and receive pictures from the object of observation without using traditional GPRS.

A hermetic case allows you to install the KUBIK camera in the open, and modern Ll-ion batteries enable operations at extremely low temperatures.

All these advantages are undoubtedly in demand in the modern realities of security and surveillance!